About Us

What is adchiever?

adchiever is an effective credit-based and loyalty driven viral list mailer (aka Safelist). A viral list mailer is a site that allows you to send e-mail advertisements through the system in exchange for receiving some e-mail ads from other members as well. If you upgrade you have the option to choose to not receive mails and only send email ads.

Everyone who joins adchiever is agreeing to receive regular mail from adchiever and our members. Nobody actually has access to your e-mail address and you won't know anyone's e-mail address either, when a user sends a message they simply fill out a form in the members area and the system handles the rest. This way you are only receiving mail from other users who have earned it.

Does it work?

Yes! Many online marketers exclusively use viral list mailers to grow their businesses online, so advertising in viral list mailers is a must if you want to generate dozens or hundreds of leads and sales on an ongoing basis.

Adchiever is designed to work even better than your average viral list mailer.

Not only is adchiever credit based but we also have an extremely generous loyalty rewards program that will give you greater and greater rewards just for being an active user. The more you use adchiever, the more free advertising you get. This means our members are excited and ready to open your e-mail!



The loyalty rewards come from what we call Achievements. There are dozens of achievement levels and more and more are constantly added to give you greater and greater rewards. You can reach achievement levels by reaching milestones of either achievement points or referrals. You will earn one achievement point for each e-mail you open, over time you will begin to accumulate many achievement points very easily!

From reaching these milestones you can win a variety of rewards including upgraded memberships, extending your upgraded membership (for free, of course), login ad credits, banner ad credits, and mailing credits. If you are already upgraded when reaching these milestones your rewards will be even greater!

Achievements ensure that your time spent at adchiever is hugely rewarded compared to other viral list mailers that only reward you an ongoing static amount of credits in exchange for your e-mails read.


Login Ads and Banner Ads

In addition to the e-mail advertising you can reach our membership via two other highly effective approaches... login ads and banner ads. You can either purchase these or earn them as bonuses as mentioned above through achievements.

The login ads appear each time a user logs into their account and it is a full page view of your website!

The banner ads are 125x125 image ads that appear directly in the members area in highly visible locations.

With either ad you are guaranteed to be receiving high quality views.

Membership Levels

Member LevelMailing Limit Without
Spending Credits
Mailing Limit With Spending Credits Achievement Bonuses Affiliate Commissions
Free0 No Limit Good 10%
Platinum1,500 Every 3 daysNo Limit Great 30%
Diamond3,000 Every 3 days No Limit Greater 50%
Elite6,000 Every 3 daysNo Limit Best 50%

Free members are required to use credits to send mails (credits are earned through viewing e-mails). However, upgraded members can send to their limit (recipients) without spending any credits, and add on even more additional recipients by spending available credits (as shown above). Not all membership benefits are displayed here, make sure to register to experience the whole adchiever difference!

Multi-Downline Builder

Make even more money and get referrals in other top advertising sites on auto-pilot because with the built-in downline builder your adchiever referrals will be joining your downlines in all of the supported programs!

Results Driven

We know that ultimately the success of adchiever is dependent on your success. Adchiever has all of the elements in place to make this a reality.

Adchiever has click-through tracking for all of your ads, so you will know exactly how much attention your ads are getting. We also have sophisticated anti-cheat technology to make sure that your ads are only being seen by REAL people. Unfortunately many other viral list mailers are easily exploited this way. With adchiever you can have confidence in knowing you are always receiving the highest quality advertising from a viral list mailer you could expect.

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